Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer.


About Me


Tunisian full Stack Web, mobile developer and co-founder of TuniAOS, a company that provides web, mobile and embedded services.

I have strong knowledge in designing and creating custom websites and mobile applications to help businesses, startups and individuals do better online.
I have passion for UI & UX, creating awesome animations and turning problems into magnificent designs.

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The Higher Institute of Information and Communication Technologies

Bachelor's degree in computer science

ISTIC is a public university institution which provides a high-level training in the fields of information technology and communications, as part of the LMD system (bachelor / master / doctorate).


Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Tunis

computer science engineering

The Faculty of Sciences of Tunis was founded in 1960 on the premises of the Institut des Hautes Etudes de Tunis, which depended on the University of Paris, since its creation in 1945.



Full stack web and mobile developer

TEDAF is a web and mobile application with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It assists foreign students, helps them to continue their education in Tunisia and facilitates administrative procedures.
This application was developed using PHP, MySQL, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap and Cordova.

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Web developer

AlgerieDOK is an innovative platform that allows you to quickly find a doctor closest to you and to make an appointment online for free.
This application was developed using VueJs, NodeJs and MongoDB.

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Full stack web developer

Web and mobile application that facilitate the management of accidents in real time.
This application was developed using VueJs, quasar, capacitor,NodeJs and MongoDB.

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Web developer

Eloboost is a boosting platform for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and, valorant.
This application was developed using VueJs, NodeJs and MongoDB.

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Web developer

ERFTPAP was established in 2020 as a worldwide trading company in Paper and Board.
This application was developed using VueJs, NodeJs and MongoDB.

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Web developer

Citt is the oldest hosiery factory in Tunisia. It specializes in circular knitting in fine gauge mesh for making men's, children's and baby's underwear as well as sporting clothes.
This application was developed using Wordpress.

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Belle et rebelle

Web developer

Belle et rebelle is an e-commerce website.
This application was developed using Wordpress.

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Mahrez fripe

Web developer

Mahrez fripe is an online second-hand shop.
This application was developed using wordpress.

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Web developer

Mnet is an insurance site. it facilitates the consultation of treatment forms and credit requests.
This application was developed wordpress, javascript, PHP, SQL.

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Tunpack machinery

Web developer and graphic designer

Tunpack Machinery are specialized in the sales, installation and maintenance of wide range of machines and equipments they are specifically devoted to printing and packaging industry for years.
This application was developed using NodeJs, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap.

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Tetra agency

Frontend developer

Showcase website for Tunisian Advertising agency.
Tetra provides many awesome services such as Graphic Design, virtual visit, shooting, audiovisual, etc.

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Giftstore & Giftstory

Full stack web developer

Giftstore is an e-commerce website that will be available soon.
Gift story, are passionate about helping you find gifts for the people you love ... Gifts that will leave a good impression, Memories ...

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International Student Cultural Forum, Kebili

Frontend developer

A forum organized by students of the state of Kebili, in cooperation with the regional and civil society components of the province of Kebili.

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Houmet tounes

Full stack developer

Houmet tounes is a movement which aims to radically change the current state and to realize the projects of the citizens .

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Inteligencja Editions

Full stack developer

Inteligencja Editions is an online library which aims to bring together the community of readers and the purchase of books.

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Full stack JS developer

Flow is a web application to facilitate the transfer and the exchange of assets to the international using blockchain technology.
This application was developed using NodeJs, MongoDB, Vue js and Blockchain API.

Istic Google Club


IGC is a club created by a group of students from the Higher Institute of Information and Communication Technologies which works in partnership with GoMyCode. The main goal of this club is to improve the skills of its members by carrying out web, mobile projects and organizing events.



- #Hashcode is a team programming competition, organized by Google, for students and professionals around the world.
- Hult Prize is an annual, year-long competition that crowd-sources ideas from MBA and college students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue around topics such as food security, water access, energy, and education.
- Code 4 tunisia is a team programming competition, organized by GoMyCode to solve daily problems using technologies
- Earth HACK is an innovation-focused event where students from all majors develop solutions to real-world environmental challenges.
- Best african mobile application (BAMA) is an intended event for students of universities on the African continent.


I have several skills that allow me to develop many services such as:
- Web frontend: Vue js & React js
- Mobile frontend: Cordova & React Native
- Backend: Php & NodeJs
- Database: MongoDB & MySQL
- Programming language: Java & c



Agil mobile application

This Hackathon is an initiative for students which allow them to demonstrate their innovative talents as well as to present their projects directly to an audience of businessmen, economic experts and other students.


Coding camp

ESEN Android Club and ISI Google Club merge technology with nature and provide an opportunity for a unique experience called "Coding camp". This event will bring together different talents in a green space.


Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is an entrepreneurial event usually held on weekends. The objectif of this event is to bring together different actors to suggest ideas for new businesses, to form teams around these ideas, and to develop demonstration prototype in 54 hours.


Mutuelle ville, Tunis, Tunisia